Material Control#

The operators on this panel are explained from left to right.


This will show the channels on the active layer and filters on each channel.

There are operators to set different layer types and automatically load materials/textures.

You will also be able to control settings such as opacity for each individual channel, previewing each channel, the channel's blend mode, and more.


This will show all the masks on the active layer.

You will also be able to bake generator masks to image textures to reduce computation.


This will show the bake settings and operators.

You will be able to bake maps that will help with texturing, some masks are dependent on this maps and will not work properly if there are not baked.

You will also be able to bake high-poly mesh data to a normal map.

This tab also has settings that will allow you to export the material as PBR maps.


This tab shows the different material settings available such as normal, bump, displacement, subsurface and the main shader.