Layer Control#

The operators on this panel are explained from left to right.

New Layer#

The new layer operator creates new layer above the selected layer.

Move Up#

This operator moves the layer one position up.

Move Down#

This operator moves the layer one position down.

Preview Mask#

This allows you to preview the active layer's mask.

Preview Layer#

This allows you to isolate and preview the active layer without regard to any masks.

Preview Master Channels#

This opens a panel that allows you to preview all the layers of that specific channel on the active material.

Click HERE to learn more about master channel previews.

Normal Data#

This removes the link from the normal input of the shader and can help with calculating faster with larger projects

Open UV Editor#

This will open a UV editor to the left of the active viewport.

Delete Layer#

This will delete the active layer. There will be a prompt before deleting, however if the you hold down SHIFT while clicking on the operator, the prompt will be overridden.